Protecting our Principles | Sheikh Hamza Ayedi

Nation Builders | Sheikh Navaid Aziz

The Legacy of Faith: The story of Asiyah | Ust. Taimiyyah Zubair

Vision to Victory | Sheikh Waleed Basyouni

Quran: The Beacon of Light | Imam Wisam Sharieff

Navigating Calamities | Dr. Yaser Ghannam

Palestine: A profile of Courage, Faith and Resilience | Sheikh Hacene Chebbani

Nurturing Tomorrow's leaders | Sheikh Ali Nasser


Welcome to One Ummah 10: A Lasting Legacy!

As we celebrate unity, wisdom, and community strength, the 10th One Ummah Conference stands tall as a testament to the thriving Muslim community in Calgary, Alberta. Established in 2009 by the Islamic Information Society of Calgary (IISC), this annual event has blossomed into a beacon of educational enrichment and cultural celebration.

We want to express our deep appreciation for the incredible support from our community over the past conferences. As we commemorate the 10th One Ummah Conference, we remain steadfast in our commitment to tirelessly strive, ensuring our community experiences nothing short of exceptional events. We welcome you to become an integral part of our journey!

A Lasting Legacy: Inspiring Generations for an Impactful Future, encapsulating our dedication to fostering enduring change and empowerment. This title reflects our mission to ignite a sense of purpose and responsibility within each individual, inspiring them to contribute meaningfully to shaping a brighter tomorrow. Through insightful and meaningful lectures, we aim to equip attendees with the tools and inspiration needed to leave a lasting impact on their communities and beyond. 

Join us as we come together to build a legacy of unity, resilience, and positive change that resonates for generations to come.


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